Protection for your customers – and your business

Your customers mean everything to your business. Canadian Premier offers credit card balance protection and other specialized insurance products to help protect your customers in the event of the unexpected – while providing business-building benefits for you.

We have a long history in the retail marketplace and work with top Canadian retailers to deliver creditor and supplemental life, accident & sickness products.

Over our more than 60 years, we have built strong partnerships with a variety of administrative and marketing companies, which we can leverage to customize the level of support you need and deliver fulsome programs that meet market expectations.

While other providers may come and go, we continue to invest in this market by offering traditional solutions and pioneering new ones. We are committed to collaborating with your institution to implement a successful program tailored to the specific needs of your customers, resulting in greater overall program participation and greater income opportunities.

Credit card protection

Our comprehensive credit card balance protection solutions will provide your customers with an added level of protection – and peace of mind – knowing their debt won’t be a burden should they ever be faced with the unexpected.

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Mortgage & loan protection

Help your customers protect their investments and financial future with multiple payment protection solutions that work for them – and for you.

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Personal protection

With our unique suite of life, accident & sickness solutions, you can provide an added level of protection beyond your customer’s traditional insurance policies.

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Other products

Provide unique and attractive insurance options for your customers and risk-free opportunities to enhance your revenue.

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