Accident insurance

Comfort in the face of the unexpected

An accident already hurts enough. It shouldn’t cause you extra worry about your personal finances. Our accident insurance plans provide cash benefits to help with everyday expenses should you suffer injury from an accident covered under the policy. In the event of a claim, payments are provided directly to you or your beneficiary. After all, an accident shouldn’t have to hurt more than it could.

Canadian Premier offers a variety of supplemental accident insurance plans, which provide multiple layers of protection at home or in the hospital to support you and your family in the event of accidental injury or death. These plans offer additional coverage to your existing insurance plans and may pay for things your standard insurance doesn’t cover.

Our insurance are easy to understand, affordable and in many cases do not require a medical exam. In the event of a claim, benefits are paid to the insured or to the beneficiary in the event of death. Product benefits and types vary by lender and province.

How do I purchase accident insurance?

Canadian Premier products can be purchased through your bank, credit union, finance company or other affiliated association.