We’re here for you in your time of need. Our experienced claims team is here to help you initiate an insurance claim, and answer any questions you have about your policy and the claims process.

How the claim process works


Initiate claim

Before initiating a claim, policy holders are encouraged to have their policy in hand and review key items such as eligibility, elimination period and certificate number.

Different types of claims require different claims solutions. When you’re ready to start, call us at one of the phone numbers below.


File claim

Depending on your insurance claim type, claim forms may be sent to you for completion either by mail or email. Once the forms are completed and returned to us, we’ll begin processing your claim. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you.



The claim review time varies depending on the claim type. Approved payments may be provided to the insured, beneficiary or institution based on the plan.

Who to call

Credit union members & auto loans:

1-800-763-1300; M-F 7am–5pm PST

Credit card balance protection:

1-800-598-6918; M-F 9am–5pm EST

Other insurance policies (ex. supplemental life, accident or sickness insurance):

1-800-667-2570; M-F 8am–7pm EST

Don’t know which number to call? Contact us at 1-844-894-0378


We’re here to support you in your difficult time. To help make the claims process easier, we have created some
simple resources so you can understand what to expect, as well as things to consider to help ensure that your
family is protected.

Have you updated your beneficiaries?

Calling on someone’s behalf

Protect your family – create a will


We’re here for you. Contact our general customer inquiries department 1-844-894-0378.
Open from 9am – 5pm (EST)

If you hold a Legacy General Insurance Company policy, please note the company has changed its name to Canadian Premier General Insurance Company. There is no impact to your premiums, coverage or benefits. Contact us through this site or call the number on your policy for questions about your claim.