Individuals and families

Canadian Insurance infographic

22 million Canadians are protected with life insurance – mainly to provide financial protection for their families in the event of the unimaginable.

Source: Canadian Life And Health Insurance Association: Canadian Life And Healt Insurance Facts 2018 Edition

Creditor insurance

Life is unpredictable. When the unforeseen happens, credit insurance protects your loans and reduces your financial burden by paying off or reducing your financial debts.

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Life insurance

Making sure your loved ones are protected will always be important to you. Our life insurance plans can give you peace of mind knowing their financial future is secure.

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Accident insurance

Unexpected events can disrupt your life – and your finances. Should an accident or injury occur, having the right insurance can help you focus on recovery rather than your expenses.

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Critical illness & sickness insurance

You can’t always anticipate the extra expenses that a serious illness may bring, but with our critical illness insurance or sickness insurance plans, you can at least help plan for them.

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